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Surname research is family history. In your personal family book you learn all the interesting information about your surname and about the emigration history of your family.

We pursue the question of the origin of your European roots, how the name developed linguistically and what meaning ultimately forms the basis of it.

In doing so we consult substantial map material and interpret your surname according to the most current research findings for which Prof. Jürgen Udolph – Germany’s most renowned and well-known name researcher – vouches with his name research center.


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Welcome to the Prof. Udolph Center for Name Studies

We are an internationally renowned service and research company in the field of name studies and provide you with the results of our research regarding your name in the form of an expert opinion of your choice. In addition you can commission research projects. Besides surnames, we also appraise topographic names, field names and the names of bodies of water.

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This high-quality name book bound in genuine leather is suitable for your individual family history or as a special, valuable gift.

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